Local Night Market & Traditional Mamak Experience!


Night markets or commonly called “Pasar Malam” which are very much part of the Malaysian way of life. Locals frequently visit these night markets to eat delicious street food or shop for anything and everything! (you can find almost anything at a night market!) If you have a gift for bargaining, this is the place for you to put your skills to practice! Experience the scene of the night markets with me as I take you on a little adventure to discover the hustle and bustle of one of Malaysians favorite activity. After the night market tour, you will be whisked away to a popular Mamak restaurant to experience what Mamak culture all about. Mamak is a popular pastime amongst Malaysians when we want to catch up with friends, watch a live football match or simply have a bite at 3 a.m in the morning. We Malaysians take our Mamak seriously! Feel free to contact me for a personalized request!

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