Local Market Visit & Vegan Home Cooking with a Vegan Cook!


Calling all vegan foodies and those interested in trying a home cooked plant-based meal! I love food, especially organic produce with its many health benefits for your body and soul. Why not take a break from the city buzz and allow me to share my passion for cooking into a unique and relaxing food experience? You can discover what life in the capital city of Europe is like with the inner calm which comes with it. Visit the local organic market and discover my city during a journey through lush green parks and historical monument. You can experience a day as a true local and work up your appetite before enjoying a delicious plant-based meal. Wait, there's more! I've tons of interesting stories to share with you too! Did you know that I've spent the last six years working extensively with sustainable food? I've also lived and cooked in Auroville - an experimental community in southern India. Sounds interesting? I can tell you all about it! I'd also be happy to share my story about my job to reduce #Foodwaste across Europe with you. I've met some of the most amazing and innovative cooks from around the world. The last few years I'm celebrating innovation through a plant-based​ sustainable diet in the capital city. All this and more will be part of your experience and I can always customize this experience to your wishes or dietary preferences. I look forward to meeting you!

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