Local Artisans Private Tour with Chianti Tasting


Florence's creative vibes are still palpable through its local artisans. The Florentine craftsmanship is celebrated globally, and it's a good indication of the talent of its creators. Would you like to meet them? Visit five labs and speak to the artisans while watching their exclusive creations being made. This exclusive tour is an excellent opportunity for you to mingle with the locals and discover the culture of personalization and quality products in Florence! You will love walking through the heart of the city appreciating the genuine Italian craftsmanship. Learn about the art of bookbinding, perfumery, ceramics and more! Their talented masters will demonstrate the process using traditional techniques passed down through generations. You will also discover how all of these products can be tailored around you. Get that perfect perfume or how about a unique cosmetic formula? Everything the artisans do is very exclusive and one of a kind! The icing on the cake of this private experience is a wonderful glass of Tuscan red wine: a nice Chianti!, or a non-alcoholic drink if you prefer. Enjoy it in a typical wine bar a few steps from the Brunelleschi Dome. This exclusive experience can be 100% personalized according to your style and preferences. Let me know if you have any other ideas in mind and I'll change the tour accordingly.

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Prijs: € 58.82

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