Lisbon Inspiring Night Tour: Poetry & Nightlife


Spend a bohemian night in Lisbon and discover why poets and artists found inspiration and fell in love with the city, especially when the sun sets. Lisbon saw multiple artists being born on its streets, let's follow in their footsteps! Hear about Luis de Camoes, considered to be Portugal's greatest poet, and his stories in Lisbon. Check out the place where he was arrested for public drunkenness. I'll tell you all about it plus his relevance in our culture. Get the night started with a ginjinha and let's cheer for all of those that left their creative mark in the city. Pass by Bertrand, the oldest bookshop in the world, and admire the Fernando Pessoa statue at a local cafe. Find out more about this poet and check out the house where he was born. Discover where the artists and poets of Lisbon would get inspired, including old brothels. Lisbon at night was their playground! Step into the present and let's enjoy the local hotspots in town. I can give you personal recommendations of where to go after your inspiring night with me. I can also modify the tour to make your night out in Lisbon shine bright!

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