Light‌ ‌Festival‌ ‌Boat‌ ‌Tour‌


Imagine yourself sailing on Amsterdam’s canals through the historic center onboard a private boat tour. You see the iconic canal houses and arched bridges. You hear the calming sound of the rippling water against the side of the boat and together with your lover you are witnessing over 20 light artworks from up close. This private tour on Amsterdam’s canals will give you a front-row seat to the 11th annual Light Festival. Enjoy it from the comfort of a quiet, electrically heated boat. Many of the art installations are specifically designed to be best viewed directly on the water. This boat cruise aims to not only show you the light installations of the festival but help bridge the gap between you and the art itself. The background of the pieces will be presented to you featuring unique insights only available to Romantic Tour Amsterdam. Your guides have an interest in art and have had personal contact with some of the artists featured in the past 5 years. Appreciate the unique light spectacle in the best way possible and gain an insider’s perspective on the message intended by the authors of the pieces. Enjoy this private experience with your special someone or in a group of up to 8 people. Only available from the st of December till the 22nd of January.

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Prijs: € 78.82

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