Leave your Mark! - Family Friendly Graffiti Workshop


Leave a little bit of yourself in Prague during a family friendly graffiti activity. Don't worry, this is all legal! I will teach you fundamental graffiti techniques and skills, and start off by sketching designs for your very own graffiti artwork. Everybody will have their chance to create their own design (kids under the age of 10 will share the colors and the wall with their parents), in the end, it will be a big mural where you can find everyone's own essence. That is what I call teamwork! The workshop takes you through every stage of producing a graffiti piece, from thinking up and roughly sketching your ideas onto a paper, to learning the techniques used by graffiti artists and spraying your design onto a wall. It will take place at the Barrandov Bridge, a popular meeting place for Prague's graffiti artists to exchange styles and skills on a legal graffiti wall. This activity is all inclusive and I will provide you with a wide range of color spray cans, printed graffiti tutorial, prepared mural space, protective suit, dust mask, protective glasses and all the equipment necessary. Plus enjoy a typical Czech snack and a lemonade. Create your own memory with your family in Prague and make it permanent on this fun workshop!

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 110.00

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