Learn Spanish with the best churros of the world


Get an introduction to Spanish culture in a fun and unique way. Meet an enthusiastic local in the most incredible churreria of Madrid and improve your Spanish skills. Learn how to order the food you like, how to greet people and how to get in touch with people in the easiest way. Enjoy a great conversation together with a local insider about Spanish culture: what they like to eat, and how do they enjoy their free time in a city full of spontaneous and welcoming people. Using games and lots of creativity you will learn new vocabulary, frequent expressions, and phrases that will make you feel and sound like a real madrileño! Practice different ways to say hello, goodbye, see you soon and how to invite people to join you to the plans you really love. To remember all the words you've learned you'll get some flashcards made just for you. By the end of the class, you'll go to the shopping area of Arenal, so you can practice your skills with other madrileños. Enjoy buying, asking for prices, colors and sizes while your host helps you with tricks and suggestions. Top off your experience with locals' favorite sweet treat: churros with chocolate! Feel like adjusting the itinerary a bit or do you have special requests? No problem! Your local insider can 100% customize this experience for you.

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