Kuala Lumpur: Afternoon & Evening Tour


Slip on some comfortable shoes and join 7 hours walking tour to take in Kuala Lumpur's sights. On this tour, you'll find out more about the history of Malaysia, see its iconic building, try one of the most popular meals and enjoy a sunset to remember. Start your tour by being picked up at your hotel and head towards Independence Square, also called Merdeka Square. Listen to the stories about the Colonial British era and post-independence as you pass through this charming square. Don't forget to take a picture of you and the 3-D architectural model of KL. In order to discover more about the historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese and Indian migrants, we'll stop and visit multiple multicultural spots. You’ll also get to understand more about Malaysia’s multicultural background. Your next stop will be Central Market, one of KL's most familiar landmarks and a popular tourist attraction. Experience the busy Petaling Street and enjoy a cup of local coffee before seeing the Chinatown of KL. You can practice your bargain skills there! :) Of course, there's so much to discover about the Hindu religion so we'll make a stop at the oldest, and reputedly the richest, Hindu temple in KL - Sri Mahamariamman Temple. You'll learn some interesting practices of the Hindus people and hear the stories behind them. Enjoy your complimentary drink and go up to the rooftop for one impressive sunset view. During daytime, the venue is a real helipad so you’ll find plenty of fun signs on your way up and down from there. What about a traditional Malaysian dinner? Enjoy one of the most popular dishes and we'll take an easy walk to Petronas Towers. Your finals top will be Jalan Alor, one of the most famous roads in Kuala Lumpur for food. This is an area most tourists don’t get to go which makes it a hidden gem. Don't forget to ask for further recommendations, I am more than happy to help you! If you want to change anything in your tour, please let me know, it’s always an option!

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