Kayak Discovery Tour in the Lagoon of Venice with a Local


This discovery tour by kayak will take you to key historic zones in the Venetian Lagoon: Paddle around the lagoon islands of Sant'Erasmo and Vignole, known as the vegetable gardens” of Venice. Discover the Sant'Andrea fort built to protect Venice from its enemies. Learn where the word quarantine was born on the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo. Relax on a secret hidden natural spot of the island of Certosa and see the skyline of Venice from a privileged perspective. This discovery tour by Kayak is easy to handle and not too tiring. We will meet in Venice and reach together Sant'Erasmo island by water bus. Before starting the guided kayak tour, you will be informed about kayak manoeuvring techniques, safety and rules of navigation in the lagoon. As we paddle our kayaks we will reach several lagoon islands through the salt marshes and in the company of the wildlife in the lagoon. We will stop several times to admire the nature and some hidden spots you can reach only by kayak while hearing stories about people still living on these islands and historical explanation about each place. The main attraction we will visit together will be on Sant’Andrea island, which hosts a 16th-century fortress in the middle of the lagoon, a magnificent defensive infrastructure you can only reach by small private boats or kayaks. We will visit all these hidden gems that only locals know from a very special point of view, directly in contact with nature. Kayaking in the lagoon also means to discover the intimate part of Venice, the most hidden and beautiful places, without any negative environmental impact.

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