Jewish Heritage Lisbon Tour with a Local


The Jews of the Iberian Peninsula settled in the territory that today is Portugal around the 5th and 15th century. This historical community contributed to enrich the Portuguese culture. On this private tour, let's take a journey back in time to discover the importance of the Jewish community in Portugal. Protected by the Kings, many of its members were philosophers, humanists, scientists, and merchants, but also common traders, such as cobblers, tailors, and weavers, and actively participated in society at the time. That's why throughout the city, they have left their mark. Let's visit important ghettos like the one in Alfama, the Saint Anthony Church and another one in the Sao Juliao Church, related to boat construction. This community was also very important in several moments of the history of Portugal. Hear all about the Inquisition, the conquest of the lands, and how they influenced financially and scientifically in the era of the Discoveries. Along the streets of downtown Lisbon, Baixa, Rossio, and Chiado discover the incredible history of the new Christians, a distinctive Sephardic group that has survived more than 400 years of persecution in secret and how they perpetuated their rituals, flavors, and traditions, in one of the saddest moments of its history. Let's talk about the Portuguese Oskar Schindler who challenged the orders of the state to save thousands of Jews during World War II. In this tour, we will also have time for a sweet tasting that was brought to Portugal by war refugees. Do not miss this great opportunity to go back in time with this historic tour. Personalize your experience to fit your interests and ask away!

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