Istanbul's Jewish Heritage Tour


Are you ready to discover the Jewish Heritage in Istanbul? Istanbul has been an attractive city for the Jewish people for centuries. Although they have always been a tiny minority group in the city, you can see and feel their significant marks throughout the city. *We can fix a more convenient meeting point especially for cruise passangers. On this private tour, I will take you to marvel at many beautiful sites and their stories. You may be amazed how the Jewish society got along with Islam and Christianity so well. The recently renewed Jewish Heritage Museum is located next to Istanbul’s most prestigious Synagogue Neve Shalom. It's a must to check them out. These sites are closed to visitors on Saturdays due to the Shabbat! Let me take you to two old Jewish neighbourhoods, Balat and Galata. Here you will have an idea why Istanbul became an attractive choice for the Jews to live. Let me take you to two old Jewish quarters, Balat and Galata. Visiting these two former Jewish quarters on the shores of Istanbul's natural harbour, the Golden Horn, not only gives us a great chance for a nice and short ferry ride, but we also better understand why Istanbul has become an attractive option for Jews to settle in. At the end of the tour, I hope you have gained a deeper understanding of what it's like being a Jew in Turkey. This tour can be 100% customized around your wishes, so please get in touch if you've any preferences.

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