Istanbul Multicultural Charms: Fener & Balat Tour


A neighborhood which has been a cultural melting pot for centuries! Check out the first prefabricated church of Bulgarian and hear out its adventurous iron made story. Did you see Byzantine city walls? Here is a part of it with its interesting war history. Did you know that Orthodox Christian Patriarchate still functions in Istanbul and now it is in its last residence for the last 400 years? Open for visitors, welcomes those who would like to attend high/low masses as well. Check out this local coffee shop which serves the best apricot souffle ever! Heard of Dimitrie Cantemir, 18th century Ottoman intellectual, composer and historian with Romania origin? Let’s hear more about him and his museum while taking the photographs of the colorful stairs nearby. Look alive! Now time to climb up the steep stairs for a rewarding view. Greek Red School, a red brick masterpiece, is welcoming you with its awesome Disneyland castle look. Let’s get lost inside the old Jewish Bazaar, today’s artisan shops and workshops’ street, bump into an auction in one of the many antique shops. May be you’ll find something appealing. Was not kidding about the multicultural structure! See yourself a Gregorian Armenian Church building which was converted from a Greek Orthodox church and still preserves its holy spring. Balat has always been a home for Jewish society. Let’s check out Ahrida and Yanbol synagogues which are two of many. Praying chair with a look of fore of a ship will tell you a lot. Sultan Selim Mosque, built in the 16th century, is another heritage worth seeing. People from different backgrounds and of every age today help for a colorful transformation with lots of artisan, antique & coffee shops and together build one of the best hotspots in Istanbul.

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