Hungry Hippies: Coffeeshops, local red lights & Dutch munchies.


John Lennon and Yoko Ono already knew it in 1969... As they said in the summer of love: “Amsterdam is where it is all happening!” And what better way to explore open minded Amsterdam than with local snacks and a historic guide that happens to be a professional storyteller? Since I grew up in the Netherlands, I can tell you what it’s like to grow weed plants in your mom’s garden and bake a cannabis cake with your dad. But there’s more: I literally followed a course at University of Amsterdam called Drugs history of the Netherlands. How is it possible that while Nixon started the war against drugs in 72, In Holland we opened up the first coffee shops that sell more than espresso... And since I work as a trainer in the art of storytelling, I try my best to bring the stories alive: From the anarchists in the 60's to the hippies in the 70's! While we explore a small cannabis garden, the former hippie street, the tiny red light district, a magic mushroom shop, and of course some amazing coffeeshops! But this journey makes us modern hippies very hungry: To compensate for the burned calories… So let's taste a few of the munchies that Amsterdam is famous for: - Did you already try the famous stroopwafel? - What John Oliver calls the best cookie in the world? - Can you handle the taste of our “black gold”? - Something you call candy but we eat on our bread? - More gouda cheese? Don’t milk it! You will discover the fascinating history of “getting high” in the “lowlands”. I might even show you how plants are grown the local Amsterdam style. To top it off, I'll show you where the locals go and I'll take you to my favorite coffee shop. Also I will show you the biggest and oldest ones in town! Learn how to avoid being scammed and smoke in a responsible way. We can either walk down the most famous part of old Amsterdam, the red light district, Chinatown and the new market. But we can also take our tour off the beaten track, past the less touristic alternative red light districts where only the locals go. I love to make every tour unique to what you like to experience! Practical info: - Includes 4 tastings of local dutch vegetarian snacks - Does not include a drink at a local cafe (about 3 euro a person). You are in no way expected to smoke on this tour, the tour is completely fun sober! - The tour will be 2 hours. We don't expect you to consume cannabis during the tour, this tour is very interesting and entertaining being fully sober. Customize? I am able to customize this tour 100% to your wishes: Special event? Bachelor party? Prefer alcohol instead of coffee? Want a different starting point? Let me know and we will work out a great plan for your needs. It’s also possible to expand your tour with some Dutch history highlights! I have been working as a history guide for 7 years and I can tell you all the amazing stories this open air museum called Amsterdam has to offer.  

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