Hong Kong Family Memories at the Harbor


The district of Aberdeen is ready to help you create unique family memories with your loved ones. And with the activities that I have prepared for you, you will definitely not forget this experience. Ready for an unforgettable family experience? On this Family Friendly private tour, your kids will have a chance to play along the way while exploring the authentic Aberdeen district. This private tour will also leave you tangible memories, like a letter they will write for their future self and a photo treasure hunt of whatever catches their eye. The best part? You can enjoy a delicious local lunch – and a whole lot more! Visit the colorful and incense-filled Tin Hau Temple. This is where sailors once prayed for safe sea voyages and good fish catches. I can tell you all about the local traditions and how people live today. I’ll point out all the places of interest and the stories behind them. For the local vibe, stroll through the famous Stanley Market and check out colorful merchandise such as silk garments and authentic Chinese art. Want to know how the locals enjoy their spare time? Take a look at a public park where you can see elderly locals practicing Tai Chi and let your kids play around the promenade. And why not take a walk along the harbor’s beautiful beach? Anything is possible on this beautiful private tour! Perhaps the biggest highlight of your tour will be visiting the harbour. This is an absolute must-visit treat if you are in Hong Kong. This harbour have been featured in movies, visited by royalty, and are a common sight in travel guides and postcards. Your family is in a real treat with the food and the view of the bustling waterfront and the stunning skyscrapers. To top off your tour, hop on a double-decker bus to the metro and enjoy more of the sights and sounds of this unique part of Hong Kong. This Family Friendly tour is 100% personalized! Want to get closer to something you see as we stroll? No problem, just let me know, and we’ll take a detour. As a local, I can tell you more about what the local families do and where to go plus other personal recommendations.

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