Homemade Fettuccine: Pasta Making Cooking Class


We all love pasta, but can you imagine how much more you'd love it if you made it from scratch yourself? Join me in my home, and we'll make a delicious fettuccine dish with homemade pasta from my own traditional recipe. Pasta is simple in theory but much more difficult in practice. I mean, it's mainly just flour, water, and eggs; how hard can it be? Without an expert like me to guide you; very! I will teach you how to prepare the perfect pasta dough, how to stretch it, and how to cut typical fettuccine. As all Italians say; Pasta is nothing without its sauce. Well, okay, only I say it, but it's true. I can teach you how to cook the classic Fresh Tomato Red Sauce or the elegant Sage & Butter White Sauce. So it's really just a choice between red & white, and that goes for the wine as well! If you have any special requests for this cooking class; just let me know, and I'll try my best to make your wishes come true. *I live a 5-minute walk from the Colosseum, and my cooking class is available at lunchtimes, but not on Sundays!*

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