Home dinner/lunch. Special New Year's eve!


Ciao there! I love to invite people to join me at my dinner table and share good food from different regional traditions paired with good Italian wine. I like to offer this opportunity to travelers who visit Rome and are excited to explore a meal beyond restaurants. You're invited into my home! So get ready to eat and enjoy a good time! My meal will include an antipasto, a main course, and a dessert. Sounds good? You will also drink different wines like prosecco, wine, and a dessert wine that pair well with the dishes that I have created. If you are a family with children, i will be happy to host you and your kids. I can create a personal offer and experience for your children and you all! I learned to cook from my mother and my grandmother, but I also created some lovely recipes myself. I've carefully selected the most beautiful recipes just for you and can even share a few tips and tricks so you can try and recreate the dishes at home. I'm also able to customize this experience 100% around your dietary wishes and can organize buffet style dinner parties up till groups of 10-20 people. Just let me know your dietary preferences, and I'll make sure to create a delicious food experience that matches your taste. I look​ forward to meeting you!

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Prijs: € 94.00

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