Holy Grail, War scars & Rivalries: Valencia Through the Ages


Join me on a journey through the most historical spots of the city, learn more about the events from the different wars and how they were connected to Valencia. From the ancient Roman times to the Spanish civil war, you'll hear all the stories! We'll start off in Plaza Virgen, a key spot in the history of the city. I'll tell you all about the founding and destruction of the Roman city, the Iberian wars, and the war with Pompey. Make sure to admire the beautiful Cathedral of Valencia, home of the Holy Grail, before we continue our tour to Plaza Patriarca and Calle De La Paz. This street is where Hemingway and other war reporters gathered during the civil war. It was also the location of the famous meeting of anti-fascist intellectuals in 1937. Next, we'll visit the old city gate, which used to be part of the wall protecting the city. Torres de Serranos also housed artworks of the great Spanish painters, during the Spanish Civil War, to protect them from air raids in 1937. I'll make sure to add plenty of local stories and hidden gems to your tour. Like the story of Juan de Ribera and San Vicente Ferrer, and how they are connected to the expulsion of the Moors and the civil unrest between Jews and Christians. We'll end our tour at Torres de Quart, where you can still see the cannonball holes in the stone towers that defended the city from the French attack. I am happy to customize this experience for you, depending on the era and events you are most interested in! I can even do a tour purely focused on the Spanish Civil war, let's talk about it.

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