Historical Capri & Anacapri with an Archaeologist


The tour will start meeting on Capri Island or if you leave from Naples/Coast let me know, I can help you to understand how to reach the island. Our tour includes the discovery of the two villages: Capri and Anacapri. We will start with the village of Anacapri which literally means above Capri, with its own unforgettable and stunning panoramas. - To reach the village we can get a Taxi (most recommended) or public bus. This was a favorite place of many well-known celebrities, including the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe who fell in love with the ruins of an ancient chapel and built Villa San Michele. There will be the opportunity to reach Monte Solaro by chairlift, the highest peak on the island from which the view is breathtaking. We will take a walk in the historic center discovering its beauties and places of culture such as the Red House. After this visit, we'll take a taxi or bus back to Capri where there we'll start from the terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples and from there we will move to the famous Piazzetta of Capri called the living room of the world where at the foot of the majolica bell tower, symbol of the island, if you want we will enjoy an excellent coffee. Through unusual medieval streets we will reach the house where the Russian exile and poet Gorkoj hosted Lenin. Our tour will continue on the Capri most famous shopping street, where in addition to the shops of the great fashion brands, I will show you the archaeological remains of the island that are preserved but which are practically hidden. We will reach the gardens of Emperor Augustus, where we will enjoy the most famous and beautiful view of the Faraglioni (limestone rocks) and Punta Tragara, the place of a meeting between the international secret services during the Second World War. At the end of the tour I will recommend you the best spots for a dinner by the sea, or a great lunch with amazing wines. Sit and relax in the warm sunshine, sip a cocktail, and even get a chance to spot some VIPs! * Free time for sightseeing. ** Bus is cheap solution but can be some wait to get in. Taxi ride is around 60 euro in total from Port to Anacapri then from Anacapri to Capri (most of taxi accept only cash)

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