Hiking Experience - Two Magical Days in Ella


If your a nature lover and are looking for a hiking experience in Sri Lanka, I know of the perfect place! Let me take you to Ella, a beautiful mountain village from where you can hike all the way up to the Ella Rock, where breathtaking views await! I will pick you up from your hotel and here's where your journey begins! Along the way, we will make stops to discover some hidden gems, like a local tea plantation. See the tea pickers in action and approach them to learn everything around the main export activity of the island, the different varieties and the life in a plantation like this. Also, visit the tea factory for extra technical details & to see more about the tea creation process. Now a natural hidden gem! Take a refreshing break on a beautiful waterfall where you can relax in nature and why not have a cold bath! To keep your trip going, first have lunch at a small local restaurant and then take a train to Ella. I'll be waiting there for you! Now this one is the most local & original experience you will ever have on this island: the most magical train ride ever! Find yourself a nice spot next to the open doors, sit tight and enjoy the wind on your face while you are passing by the most beautiful green scenery you have ever seen. I would also totally recommend you the samosas from the sellers on the train. Once in Ella, I'll see you at the train station to take you to your accommodations for a night rest to continue your adventure the next day! Kick start your second day with a rich breakfast and go on your hiking experience to the famous Ella rock. The view from the top is definitely worth it! Once on the top, take in the whole scenery and snap some pictures of the whole island. And before you go back, make a stop at the famous arch bridge. Enjoy a local lunch before your trip back to Kandy in the comfortableness of my car. I will take care of everything! Please let me know if you would like to change anything on the itinerary, I can customize it 100% to your needs.

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