Hike and Wild Berry Picking in the Dublin Mountains


I grew up in Dundrum, a nearby Dublin suburb, and am guilty as charged of a mis-spent childhood frolicking in these Mountains, picking fraughan berries in late summer or tobogganing in the winter snows. So why not show and share my favourite childhood playground with guests to experience and enjoy! The Dublin Mountains Way is a scenic hike along the Dublin foothills that was officially opened ten years ago. This hike covers approximately 12km of some of the most naturally beautiful parts, with panoramic views of Dublin tithe north, Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea to the east, and the Wicklow Mountains and Dublin foothills to the south and east. The route afford a variety of landscapes, from open fields to forest trails, with several ancient burial tombs along the way. These region is rich in flora and fauna, and a plentiful crop of the native wild fraughan berries, a delicious purple fruit, similar the better-known blueberry, but smaller in size, darker in color, but just as delicious! Access to the start of the hike and returning from the finish is via different and scenic bus journeys meandering the backroads of the local hills. Optional extras are a hearty lunch in a rustic restaurant using local, homegrown ingredients, or make and bake your own pizza to eat or take with you! I also want to assure you that I’ll follow the social distance protocol and apply safety measures such as face mask and hand sanitizer for a safe experience that both, you and I, can enjoy. My goal is to make you feel comfortable while having fun and by following the regulations in place. Come away with a fraughan berry scone recipe, a video souvenir of the hike, and memories to cherish.

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