Highlights of Dubai at Night Tour


Dubai wakes up after the sunset and the city lights up under the moonlight. Come with me on a private tour to explore the bustling city of Dubai at night. At night, Dubai offers its visitors and local alike a beautiful shining sight. From the sound and lights of the city's impressive venues to the vibrant atmosphere. It's easy for anyone to fall in love with Dubai! On this private tour and with a convenient pickup and drop off, your night is set for a good start! Hop in and enjoy the ride. Pass through the streets of the 'city of gold' and enjoy the view of its glorious skyline. Make your way to the marvelous palace of the ruler of Dubai; the size and beauty of the palace will explain itself. Ready for a one of a kind show? Come with me to the Dubai Mall to see the spectacular musical fountain show which is the largest in the World! And how about a visit to the 'Manhattan of Dubai' and the famous Burj Al Arab? These highlights are a must-see while exploring the city at night. Prepare to dance the night away at one of Dubai's nightclubs where you can lose yourself until late at night. Enjoy drinks, spend your night dancing to the beats of the music or just relax until late-night. This tour can always be customized to your preferences, just let me know!

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Prijs: € 95.00

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