Hidden Markets, Street Food & Bar Night Tour


Join me on this private tour and discover the authentic atmosphere of an open-air market. There are lots and lots of things to do, see, taste, and smell. I can take you to the best of them! From colorful stands, hippy fashion, antique furniture, handmade accessories, to delicious and exotic food. Fancy a barbequed jellyfish? This is your chance to see how Thai people like to sell, shop and eat! You will see a rich mix of market stalls and merchandise. A combination that truly reflects the real Bangkok: a city full of contrasts, tastes, and cultures. As a true Thai, I will be honoured to share the traditions and customs of my culture with you! I can show you the best of this market and help you communicate with the vendors. If you like shopping, this is a “must-do” tour for you! Are you also a foodie? Be prepared to taste many different types of delicious street food from the many different cultures: Thai, Korean, and Japanese styles. Tell me what you prefer, and I’ll take you to the best. Want to taste them all, no problem – just remember to bring your appetite along. This tour is 100% private – just for you and your family. So if you want to see or do anything in particular, just let me know, and I can shape the tour to suit your wishes. Bonus: the transportation costs from the meeting point to the hidden market are included in the price. See you soon!

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Prijs: € 47.50

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