Herculaneum special tour with your Archaeologist


Do you want to relive the feelings of the last hours of the Roman colony with the expertise of a local archeologist? First at all we must have panoramic about history and the begging of the excavations Tour starts from the ancient shoreline where people tried to find a refuge from the heat, but no chance! Following the road backwards we will reach the vibrant center of the town where we could still see wooden stairs, second floor, shops with incredible marble decorations, houses with intact rich painting walls and mosaics made of gold! Together we'll understand how works a roman bath house (here in Herculaneum is preserved the most beautiful of all the roman time!). With great critical sense we will understand the reason for the interruption of the excavations and how the modern restorations are proceeding. At the end of the tour i will show you also a a Roman boat CARBONIZED by the eruption truly intact and few artifacts discovered by my Professor during the last excavations of the '80s.

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Prijs: € 59.00

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