Hemingway's Valencia: a literary visit through the city


I’ll show you all the key places that captivated and inspired the great writer. We’ll see the cafes, restaurants and bars that not only inspired this Nobel Prize winner, they also appeared in many of his novels and war reports. You'll also see the hotels where he stayed, and the house where he lived. Conveniently close to the bullring that first brought him to Valencia as a sports aficionado. You’ll see how Valencia calmed him, charmed him and inspired him. And I'll tell you all the stories about Hemingway and this beautiful city. En route we'll take in some other literary places and stories of Valencia. Some added extras include the house of Juan Luis Vives, a Valencian philosopher, and humanist. As well as the building where the first book published in the Iberian Peninsula was printed. We’ll visit features of the city related to the revolutionary writer Blasco Ibañez, who paid homage to Valencia in many of his most famous novels. I’ll also tell you about the tales and myths and historical anecdotes about the many Valencians that have lived here since the Romans founded the city in 138, including remains of the Moorish and Jewish cultures that flourished here. Of course, your private tour can be 100% tailored around your wishes. Just let me know about any special requests, and I’ll shape the tour to your tastes.

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