Healthy Cooking Class at Local Farm


The expression back to basics takes on a new reading after one has traveled around the world, don't you agree? I'm happy to introduce you to my way of rediscovering my roots. I offer you a vivid nature experience that will boost your natural senses. You will explore the Vietnamese way of doing agriculture, play with herbs, pick your vegetables (for example mushrooms). You can milk a cows, see how to take care of buffaloes, and how we plant rice in fields. You will explore the Vietnamese cuisine by picking all ingredients from our organic farm yourself and, together with the Master Chef, you get a hands-on experience cooking three dishes and 1 dessert. There's more! You will participate in the process of rice paper making in the villages nearby. You will visit the Rubber Trees forest and witness how local people collect raw latex. Any good meal finishes with a good coffee in Vietnam. Get your hands dirty by milking cows and then prepare aromatic Vietnamese coffee with fresh milk. Get in touch for a personalized offer, you won't regret it!

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Prijs: € 44.71

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