Hanoi's Natural Beauty: Ba Vi National Park Day Trip


Want to discover the natural beauty of Hanoi's countryside? I know the best place to do so! If you are a nature lover like me, join me for a scenic day trip from Hanoi to explore the beautiful Ba Vi National Park like a local! Enjoy a breath of fresh and let's enjoy the natural path of this national park. I will show you the hidden gems that you would not normally discover by yourself all the way to the summit. Encounter along with the way some interesting diversions like an old church, temples and French-abandoned villas. I'll take you through routes away from the crowds and up the mountain. The scenic road will unfold paddy fields and how the local people cultivate the land or harvest the rice, wildflowers and old pines forest. One thing that makes the Ba Vi National Park so special is its 4 seasons in one-day climate. From spring in the morning, summer before noon, autumn in the early afternoon and winter in the late afternoon. You may see several mountain brooks flow murmur on mountain sides along the way you go-up, but it is hard to see out a hidden mountain stream where you can hear a symphony of water hit the cliff and immerse in clear and cool water nearby its waterfall. Along with the trekking, you could stop at a water surface and practice how to throw stones skip over the top of the water, it is really fun! Or contemplate lovely punctured leaves and let's find out why the leaves there have perfect holes. The Ba Vi National Park gives you the option to climb up the stone steps of two peaks. One peak takes you to reach the highest Peak, and it is about 1200 steep stone steps where you can find a Bao Thien tower pagoda and a temple dedicated to Ho Chi Minh where you can find an entombed part of Ho Chi Minh during the USA war. The views from the Ho Chi Minh's temple side are incredible, from there you can contemplate the Da river and paddy fields below the valley. The other peak takes you to reach a Mountain God temple and a mystery trail. The path we'll take it's up to you! Going down, you'll admire a vestige belonging to the French war - the ruins of an old French Church - which are pretty cool and surrounded by jungle and several abandoned French villas. Keep moving down to visit a Cactus garden where you may feel like a corner of Africa in the heart of Ba Vi mountains Hanoi. Want more local gems? This tour can be 100% personalized around your wishes. Let’s have a chat, and I’ll create a perfect local experience in Hanoi's countryside, just for you!

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