Handmade Neapolitan Jewelry Workshop


Are you ready for some creative fun and making your own Neapolitan jewelry? There's no better souvenir than one that you've created on your on, along with memorable local stories. We’ll use a typical flat necklace drum plate on which we can let our imagination run wild. One of my favorite things to do is paint the Napoli Bay on it! We can enrich the surface with gorgeous corals and pearls and some other metal parts. Be ready to use a paintbrush and pliers! While painting a bay scenery or anything else that you wish to create, I can tell you about some great legends of Napoli. We can listen to some good music as we paint and I'll treat you with some amazing Neapolitan coffee and typical Neapolitan cakes. The best part? This experience can be 100% customized around your wishes. Just let me know. I look forward to meeting you and can’ t wait to spend some time to laugh and enjoy with you!

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Prijs: € 34.12

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