Hacienda Escudero Plantation Tour


A refreshing escape from the busy city life in Manila. This tour will be a whole day tour and can be extended in a multiple day tour, if you wish to book one of the picturesque cottages at the lake. This visit to Hacienda Escudero will give you the chance to recharge your battery and enjoy a variety of fun filled activities in this rural village. Just two hours driving south of Manila lies this historic village amidst a pastoral grave of a coconut plantation. A typical example of old plantation life. The resort villa also houses a museum with a vast collection of European art pieces and religious and cultural artifacts some dating back to pre-Hispanic times. A cultural show can be seen in the weekends. A highlight of this tour will be a remarkable lunch beneath a man-made dam with your feet in cool streaming water from a nearby lagoon. Please bring your swim wear along, because there will be a chance to swim in a spring-fed pool at this resort. Let me know of your availability, to personalized the tour and your stay at Hacienda Escudero.

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Prijs: € 135.00

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