Greek Mythology and Traditional Music


Lets travel together in the ancient times, when the Greek ancient Gods had a conflict about the music and their beloved instruments. Let us see together who finally was the winner. Let me tell you what happened to the ancient deities through the ages. We'll meet and talk about the Greek Ancient Gods of Music, the argue between them The role of the Mythical  creatures, the  traditional feasts and their connection with antiquity and Mythology, the social  background of the local communities.   We talk about the urban traditional music (Rebetiko) and the traditional music around Greece. * Do you know that there are more than 1000 traditional dances in Greece? * Do you know that there hundreds different steps  in the Greek Traditional dances? * Do you know that there is a huge difference in tunes even in places that are close? * Do you know also that are commons in traditional Music and dances all around Balkans and Middle East? We talk about all those, we listen to traditional music from different corners of Greece  together. I'll show you also my traditional bagpipe, an instrument that people in  Greece make in the same way, thousands of years now.  I'll also play for you. Join me to this unique online experience on the Mythical Hills of Athens, where Dionysos, Nymphs and Muses playing the same instruments Greek traditional music isn't only Zorba, we will talk about this during the experience. You don't need to do anything else, except have your eyes and your ears open! In case of bad weather the experience will be held in a traditional restaurant.

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