Greek Cooking Class with Organic Products


Let's enjoy a Greek cooking class together! I've been cooking for many years and I would love to share my passion for food and healthy dishes with you. First, you'll select a recipe from the list of original Greek traditional recipes. we'll make a shopping list and here it starts your experience. I'll take you to small local shops where we'll pick fresh the ingredients that we need for our cooking class. After we're done with shopping, we'll go back home and start this hands-on experience. I'll teach you how to cook each dish, give you tips and tell you more about the Greek gastronomy. At the end of the cooking class, you'll enjoy the fruits of our labor paired with local drinks. We'll have enough time to chat and share interesting stories. You can ask me anything about my culture and I'll be more than happy to give recommendations. If you have any diet restrictions, let me know. the menu can be customized according to your preferences.

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Prijs: € 90.59

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