Glass Lampwork workshop and walking tour in Murano: create your own bead!


Let me show you the island of Murano, with the eyes of a local living here. We will meet at Murano Colonna and I will be waiting for you at the water bus (vaporetto) stop. Together we will discover the tradition which made Murano famous all over the world. Venetians have been working in crystal and glass since the 10th century but due to fire hazards of glass blowing, the industry was moved to the island in 1291. This is known as the official reason! Actually moving all furnaces to this island was a way to keep glassblowing secrets jealously guarded: for istance any glass worker who left the city was guilty of treason and subject to assassination. Without getting murdered I promise I will share some of these secrets! We will see together how glass artisans and factories are bringing forward this tradition strolling along the Rio dei Vetrai (canal of the glassmakers). We will step in the the oldest glass factory in the world, admiring together how tradition, design and fashion can be combined together. You will get definitively inspired ad it will time to express your creativity! We will meet a local artisan who will teach you how to create your own Venetian bead. Considering a glass artisan takes several years of practice and first attemps are not always perfect, she will surely let you bring home your art creation! It does not matter, since it is made by you, probably it will be the only souvenir you will keep for the rest of your life! We will then discover some hidden gems of Murano as its churches, hiding masterpieces from the Renaissance and mosaics from the byzantine period. Walking in Murano with a local will also mean to discover off the beaten track neighbourhoods and know more about the 5.000 people community currently living in Murano. We will say then goodbye learning how to make a Spritz, the wine-based local drinks of Venice, in a charming location overlooking the canal.

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