From City Island to Latin Quarter Family Tour


One of the most appealing characteristics of Paris is the contrast between the stunning big city buzz and the serenity of the flower markets. There’s also the fabulous architecture and the fascinating history that seems to be everywhere! On this tour you can experience it all. And with me as your guide we can avoid the touristy crowds. You can stroll around the very peaceful Place Dauphine and visit the oldest Flower Market in Paris. Mingle with the locals and admire the huge selection of seasonal flowers, as well as the more exotic orchids, plants, and shrubs... a delightful place for a walk and soak up the authentic Parisian atmosphere. On the corner stands the majestic Notre Dame, and I can tell you some inside stories about the world’s most famous cathedral. Let’s play a detective game do some treasure hunting – always a favorite with kids. While we stroll through the park, I can explain more about Parisian lifestyles and how they have changed through the years. Crossing the beautiful Au Double bridge we can find the famous Bouquinistes, the booksellers that sell their second-hand books along the Seine. Time to immerse yourself in more authentic Parisian atmosphere, this place is now a UNESCO World Heritage site! Then we will find our way into Shakespeare and Company, a literary institution with magic charm. Let's stroll through the gardens of Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre church, built more than 700 years ago it’s one of the oldest buildings in town. We can wander through the narrow cobblestone streets and find the most amazing chocolate store you can imagine, where we can pick some treats to go! Another kids favorite. I can also show you medieval gardens of the Cluny Museum, with the ruins of the Gallo-Roman thermal baths in the background. Here we’ll also find a nice park for children! This tour is 100% private, so if you have anything in particular you want to see or do, just let me know. I will make sure to adjust the tour according to your wishes!

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