For the Love of Tiles Tour: History & Details


Tiles, tiles, tiles, Porto is filled with tiles! From churches, train stations, shops and ordinary homes, you can find buildings covered by them. But why? Surely they look beautiful but they all have an interesting story behind and I can't wait to tell you all about them! Join me on a tile-rrific private tour through the city of Porto. Visit places covered in 'azulejos' and discover secret tiles hidden in the streets. The tiles in Porto tell a story through their details and designs and I will let you in in all the local insights. Hear the story of the places you'll visit and how the tiles represent them. Like they say, it is all about the details and Porto is covered in them! These beautiful little treasures are what make Porto so special and unique, let me show them to you. This experience is 100% personalized and can cover any local spot you would like to visit. Let me know how I can adapt this tour for you!

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