For the Love of Belgian Beer! - Private Tour


Get ready for a unique Bruges experience and taste the best Belgian craft beers in town. Explore the city one gulp at a time and try out all of the locals’ favorites beers. Plus, get insights into the local lifestyle and the city’s vibrant nightlife. What can be better than that? Kick off your beer experience with a visit to a pleasant beer house that’s much more than just a pub. This cozy ‘brown cafe’ is legendary throughout Belgium and the ideal place to start off with a light beer. Get a taste of the real local beer spirit and surround yourself with the quirky atmosphere that fills up the room, and the locals who’ve become part of the furniture! Have you heard the story of the beer pipeline under the market? This is your chance to find out how the locals have taken their love for beer to a whole new level! Travel back in time as you set foot in the oldest bar in town hiding in a beautiful neighborhood. Rich in history, this bar is filled with legends that your local friend can tell you all about. Taste your next local beer and bite into some delicious cheese and salami! Top off your tour at a specialist beer bar located in an 800-year-old medieval cellar in the heart of the city, hidden from any tourists. With exposed brick arches the ambiance is one of a kind, and with hundreds of beers to choose from, there’s something for every taste and palate. The best part? Get useful tips from your local friend about the best places to continue your evening. From local bars to the newest party spots in town - it’s time to experience the vibrant nightlife! Our local insiders can’t wait to welcome you in Bruges. Check out their profiles and pick the local you like most.

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