Florence's Love Stories: Romance, Gossip & Tragedy


Love is in the air and in Florence, you can feel it even more at night. My city is surrounded by centuries of love stories, that in some cases ended in tragedy and I can take you to the places where they took place. Fall in love with my city through a private storytelling tour, full of romance stories, gossip, and local tales! Discover the magic of Florence under a different and beautiful light just after the sunset. I'll take you on a lovable journey that is more than just facts and information, this is historical gossip and if you are a curious person like me, you will definitely love it! See the highlights of Florence with a different twist, the love twist! Go to the Duomo and don't hear the typical stories, this place is full of crazy stories like the story of a girl everyone believed dead, Ginevra degli Amieri. Or a chilly ghost story that will help kick off this intriguing tour. A love tour in Florence would be nothing without a mention of Dante & Beatrice's love story. Lear what was real and what is a legend and visit Dante's house for a better visual representation. Another interesting love story is the one of Cosimo and Eleonora. Was it a political marriage or love? Make your own decision once you hear all about it at Piazza della Signoria. And things get interesting with a torrid love triangle that ended in tragedy at Ponte Vecchio. Did you know Florence has its own version of Romeo and Juliet? I'll tell you all about Ippolito and Dianore at Piazza Santa Maria Soprarno. And to gossip a bit more, let's have some gelato! This love and tragic stories taste better with a sweet treat. At Bianca Cappello Palace, I'll tell you a story where the lovers risked everything to be together. And at Casa Guidi, learn all about Elisabeth Barrett Browning, her story, and her romantic gateway. With stories like these ones, you will see Florence differently, because not everything is history and facts. I have the best history gossip, and I can't wait to share it with you! And if you can't get enough of these stories and would like to know more, I can show you more on a personalized experience. Also if there are any requests, I can adapt the tour for you!

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