Fishing Village, Salt Farm & Seafood Day Trip


In this private day tour, you'll escape the bustling city life to visit a peaceful seashore place in Bangkok. Ready to explore the local and traditional way of living? Explore Bang Khun Thain District, the only district in Bangkok located at the Gulf of Thailand. The sea here borders with the mangrove forest which grows in brackish wetlands between land and sea where other plants can't grow. Mangrove forest not only protects the erosion of the banks, but it is also the best nursery for the sea life. And for the locals, it's a way to get fish, create cockle, and salt farms. To fully understand this traditional way of life, go to the Mangrove forest conservation center where you can also do a bit of bird watching. You'll be amazed by a beautiful sight of the Gulf of Thailand and its' rich flora. This unique private tour gives you insider access to a local salt farm. I know the family of this salt farm and their neighborhood, and they are more than happy to welcome you to be a part of their daily life. They are very lovely people and happy to give you the information about how the salt farm, what are the different salt kinds and how the salt is extracted from the sea water. Ready for a one-of-a-kind experience? Come with me to the Saen Tor fishermen community located in Bang Khun Thain District. The only way to enter this village is by boat! This area is between the canal and the sea, and I know exactly where to find it. The houses are on the water, and the main craft of local people is fishing. They grow cockles, blue crabs and fish by limiting the area for fishing of each household and not allowing to destroy the mangrove forest. The best part? The use of chemicals is strictly forbidden so you can be sure to have organic seafood. And for that local touch, mingle with the locals, and meet the kind auntie Sim and uncle Rangsan. They can teach you their ways of fishing, cooking and how vital is mangrove forest to their lives. You also can enjoy cockles or crab picking, kayaking, and swimming. The more I know the local people here, the more I love mangrove forests and the harmony in which locals live together within nature. And I would love for you to fall in love with this place and its people like I am! *Friendly tip: Bring a swimsuit and clothes you can easily throw away - it may be difficult to clean from the mud, shampoo, shower gel, towel, hat, sunscreen cream and sunglasses.

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