Fish shopping in Rialto and home cooking in Murano in a small group


Become a venetian! Fish tastes better when it is fresh, seasonal and local, especially if you personally buy it and cook it at home with the tips of a local guy! The market place in Venice is Rialto: its fish market is noisy, raw, authentic and full of true venetian life. Fish is artfully arranged on stalls covered with deep layers of crushed ice, seagulls wander among the fishmongers calling out today's catch, local people purposefully browse the stalls scattered in the two halls of the Pescheria, as generations of venetians have been doing so in the last 800 years! . As soon as we made our best choice for fish, we will cross the Canal Grande a on Gondola ferry, very probably together with some local housewives hurring up heading home! We will have a 15 minutes walk trough hidden calles up to Fondamente Nuove, where will get home in Murano thanks to a short vaporetto ride. We will cook our meal together while tasting some glasses of prosecco, some appetiters and enjoying the view on the canal from the dining room. Then it will be time to check if we made the best choice at the market and enjoy our lunch: we will have some pasta with a tasty fish sauce while a seabass will be going to be cooked to perfection! We will then say arrivederci only after a strong Italian coffee, of course brewed from a moka machine!

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