FC Porto's Little Fans: Football Tour


If you and your family are passionate about football and what to know more about the beloved FC Porto, this football tour is a definite score! The locals are fully invested in supporting their team and I'll show you how & where we celebrate and the full story of this club. From its old stadiums to what its symbol means, you'll fully immerse yourself in the passionate world of football. This family friendly experience will show you all the important historical places for the club while visiting several parts of the city. Go to a local tavern where the fans go and enjoy a treat, walk through the city's main avenue and stop at the park to play. Let's see who scores more goals! Go all the way to the Dragao stadium and its museum to see the present of the club and what the future holds. And for a fully immersive experience, I can help you arrange your entrance to the club. Want some time added to your football tour? It's possible! I can add or make changes as you wish to. This tour is 100% personalized to make your family's wishes come true.

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Prijs: € 22.35

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