FC Barcelona Secrets & Camp Nou Tour with a Sports Journalist


Hola, I'm Olivier, a local sports journalist living in beautiful Barcelona! I'm lucky to have been close to what goes on inside the walls of Camp Nou as I'm accredited by the club to cover the matches of F.C. Barcelona. It's my passion to talk about the game, so let me share all my insights and stories with you during this private Camp Nou tour! This unique tour will immerse you in the players' shoes during match day. Follow the path of Messi and get exclusive insights into what goes on backstage of one of the biggest football clubs in the world. And learn why Barca is more than a Club in Barcelona! This tour is not about basic info you can find online. We'll go all-in on the local stories about the club's history and current-day strategies! Learn why the famous Argentinian never speaks to the journalists after a game, discover all the mind games the team uses to maximize its chance to win, and much more! We'll also visit many unique spots of the stadium like the Presidential lounge, the press area, and the tunnel the players use during match days. Of course, you'll also be able to admire the green field from up close, with some time to kick the ball in a contest. And in the end, you can enjoy as much time as you want on your own inside the famous trophy gallery! Please be sure to ask for your tips so you can have lunch at the restaurant of a player or go where the players practice before the game! Hope to see you soon in Barcelona!

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