Fantastico Focaccia: Private Italian Cooking Class


A little bit like pizza, but also a little bit different. Focaccia is a real Italian favorite for appetizers and antipasto. Join me for a private focaccia-making cooking class and learn how the locals make this authentic dish. Once you are finished, sit back and enjoy your hard work with a tasty glass of wine! Welcome to my Italian kitchen. I am a passionate foodie and have lots of local insights to share with you. I will explain the differences between focaccia and pizza, plus I’ll show you how Italian cuisine differs throughout Italy. You’ll leave with plenty of fun facts up your sleeve to impress your friends at home! Now let’s get cooking. I’ll show you how to mix your dough, knead it like a pro and then bake it to perfection. Don’t worry, I am always on hand to avoid any focaccia fails! Feeling competitive? If you like we can make this a bake off and vote for the best focaccia at the end of our cooking class. Who’s focaccia will be crowned the tastiest? So what are you waiting for? Join me for a relaxing cooking class with delicious food and tasty Italian wine. Plus you’ll leave Milan with all the knowhow to make scrummy Italian focaccia at home!

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