Family Fun Treasure Hunt Experience in Pompeii


If you are thinking about going to Pompeii with your family and are wondering how to keep your kids entertained. Wonder no more! I have the perfect solution, a fun treasure hunt through Pompeii! Join me on this Family Friendly tour, where you'll take a trip back in history and become a treasure hunter looking for clues and symbols on the ancient city of Pompeii. This experience is a full immersion into the Roman age, where you'll see how an original Roman colony used to look like thanks to the perfect preservation of this site. Discover stories of people who lived there, learn about the customs and traditions of Romans. Of course, through entertaining stories that will leave the kids captivated. Wander through the houses, the shops, the theatres, and the Forum. And take a look at the bodies of some persons caught in the disaster. With imagination and my help, you and your family will get a nice image on how life in Pompeii used to be 2000 years ago! How can I make your Family Friendly trip to Pompeii even more fun? Let me know how I can personalize your experience to make your family happy.

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 80.00

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