Family Fun Tour on a Unique Ride!


Looking for a fun way to see the city? No need to walk when you can ride a unique Dutch bike! Hi, I'm Debora! I'm a proud mom that knows the best ways to keep your loved ones entertained while seeing the city. That's why I would love to take your family on a wonderful bike ride that is fun for you and your kids, on a Dutch clog bike! Get on your bike and let your kids ride in the clog in front of the bike. Ride to Amstelpark and see how your kids enjoy the wind in their faces while also enjoying the view. There's another fun ride in store for you, the Amsteltrein! This train dates from the time of the Floriade and it will take you pass the Rosarium, the Rhododendron Valley, and the Riekermolen - a typical Dutch windmill that kids will love. Along the way, there is a fun stop at a super nice playground. Also, we'll take a refreshing break where your family can enjoy a drink and yummy pancakes in all flavors you can think of at a beautiful lakeside spot: The Pancake House. As a personalized option, your kids can take part in a workshop. The workshops can either be about making crafts, drawing, etc. Let me know if you which to add items to your private family experience, and I'll arrange everything!

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