Family Friendly Tour of Sintra's Hidden Spots


Walk Sintra's pedestrian route which has open to the public in 2015. This is an off the beaten track route which will take you walking around the narrow alleyways of Sintra, with its flowery windows and arches and embracing the beautiful natural, golden light of the day and... if you so wish, we can go all the way up to the Moorish Castle or visit the amazing fairytale Quinta da Regaleira! Sometimes Sintra is a place of mystery, it has many days of mist and moist falling on you from the trees and it takes an entirely different atmosphere!! For an extra fee, you can complement either one of this routes with a light lunch just before taking out to the walk or if you prefer, after an invigorating walk, you can decide to have a delicious dinner in a cosy, warm, friendly environment… almost romantic!! It will be a pleasure to welcome you to my beautiful village of Sintra!! I'm flexible to tailor our route, let me know what your interests and we'll make things happen together. NOTE: The price includes insurance and is required that at the time of the booking you provided me with your full names and birth dates. Please send me the details requested until noon (12:00) the day before the booking, I cannot activate the insurance and will, therefore, cancel the booking. In case the tour falls into a weekend, I will need the details the Friday before till noon (12:00), please. Thank you for helping me get this done in a timely manner!

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Prijs: € 35.29

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