Family Friendly Fun Day at the Zoo with Local Food


Spend a fun day at the zoo with your family and discover the surrounding areas, that only a few get to see. And to make your day even better, enjoy tasty local food too! Explore the surrounding off the beaten track area of the zoo that many travelers don't usually get to see! Here you can enjoy a private car ride around the scenic tropical rainforest and spot many of the native creatures living in the forest. Let's see who spots more animals on a fun activity! Enjoy a snack break at Singapore's second oldest reservoir before the zoo and try authentic Indian and Singaporean snacks at the 'Biscuit King' shop. After filling up on some sweet treats, follow the animal feeding trail and get close-up encounters with different animals. Get to see one of the 25 most endangered primates in the world, the Sumatran orangutang. Meet the most famous resident of the zoo: 'Ah Meng' the orangutang! I will tell the kids fun facts about the animals you'll encounter along the way. Check out the award-winning Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia exhibit that features a troop of close to 90 hamadryas baboons and other Ethiopian creatures. Experience the native Ethiopian lifestyle with recreations of rustic tribal villages and artifacts. After a few hours in the zoo, it's time to taste a delicious local dish, Nasi Lemak. I will provide you with great local insights of other family friendly places to visit while in Singapore plus more local food recommendations for the whole family. I can create a fully customized experience for you family, just let me know your wishes!

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