Family Cooking Experience & Market Visit


Looking for a truly authentic experience in Kuala Lumpur with your family? Join me in my kitchen for a fun hands-on cooking class that your kids will love. But first, let's go to the local market! The market scene in Malaysia is a lively experience you must show to your kids. Let them experience the sights, sounds, smells, not to mention the colors as we pick the ingredients for your class. Want to give bargaining a try? I can show you new words and how to approach the local sellers. Time to cook! Welcome to my kitchen where your family's hands-on cooking class will take place. The menu is usually based on some sort of curry and fried chicken or fish, or even a vegetarian dish. I will also teach the kids on how to prepare my oh-so-famous Orange Fizz thirst quencher and a Malaysian dessert. Once the food is ready, let's all sit together to enjoy your delicious creations. Let's enjoy some starters of a ray of local bites, followed by fragrant basmati rice cooked in a pot with a number of herbs, the curry and fried dish that we have prepared and a salad. And let's not forget about dessert! To show the little ones more about the local culture we'll sit on a mat on the floor like the locals in the villages do while we play a game of five stones or congkak. Your kids will also take home a small Malaysian gift too! If you and your family have any dietary restrictions or requests, let me know! I can modify the menu to make everyone happy!

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