Explore Villa Reale of Marlia in Lucca


Located a few kilometers far from Lucca, Villa Reale was the summer residence of Elisa Baciocchi, Napoleon's sister and Princess of Lucca between 1805 and 1814. The Villa has been closed for several years and after 5 years of restoration is now open to visitors in all its beauty! We will start our guided tour from the splendid garden that surrounds the villa and that is commonly considered as the most beautiful garden in Tuscany. We will find out its various environments from the splendid Spanish Garden to the mysterious Grotto dedicated to the god Pan, we will walk along the Camellias Alley to reach the scenic lake from which you will enjoy a wonderful view of the villa. We will admire the beautiful Lemons Garden and then discover one of the most unique section of Villa Reale's garden, the Green Theater, home to theater performances at the time of Princess Elisa Baciocchi. Afterwards we will enter the sumptuous rooms of the Villa, decorated with elegant Empire Style furniture and beautiful artworks. Walking through the Princess' bedroom, her library and the balroom will discover the world of Elisa Baciocchi, a smart Princess with a strong leadership attitude, but who also loved parties, balls and games! A fascinating journey in the mind of a brilliant woman!

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