Explore Chiang Mai's Surroundings by Bike


Very proud to bring you to my home town that away 25 kilometers from Chiang Mai city. Get close to the nature, enjoy a taste of simple local life and take part in unique local experiences! Forget about the traffic, we’ll do a relaxed cycling trip through the beautiful countryside. Enjoy the scenery of rice paddies, plantation farms, and visit many interesting sites along the way, including a local brewery, lantern making place, the Nile Tilapia fish farms along the Ping river on the way back to Chiang Mai. This is my home town where I grew up, all people are friendly and we know each other very well. The route comprises of quiet paved roads with many of stops to rest. This is the private tour, just you and me as a host. With total of 25 Kilometers, the route is flexible - everything can be personalized according to your requirements.

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 65.00

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