Experience WWII as a Soldier


Get ready for a 4-hr tour of two of Singapore's major WWII heritage sites & buildings. You will travel by subway and on foot. This tour will be a poignant retelling of Singapore's WWII past, with visits to 2 former military defense sites. One site is a spacious colonial-style bungalow built atop a low scenic hill, overlooking what used to be British military depots and a military hospital in the distance. You'll visit the bungalow and its surroundings, and take in panoramic views from a canopy walk set at tree-top height. The other site is a breezy former military fort built next to the sea, guarding one entrance to S'pore's busy harbor​​r. This fort is one of a series of coastal defences built before WWII in anticipation of enemy naval attacks from the south. On the way to the fort, you'll enjoy a leisurely walk-through of a part of Sentosa, S'pore's southern island resort. You'll also enjoy breezy panoramic views of Sentosa from a 43m-high bridge. S'pore has never wanted to go to war, but our geographical location ensured we can't escape the Japanese aggressors, who outwitted the defending British forces and resulted in 3.5 years of hardship under their harsh rule. Feel the heavy responsibility of defending important military installations against a bigger & better equipped enemy. From the urban planning perspective, see for yourself how S'pore preserves her WWII heritage, balancing the old with the new. If you wish to participate in optional ticketed laser tag games at the end of the tour, where the last stop point is, please get in touch with the local guide for details! I can personalize this tour 100% for you.

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