Exclusive Dinner & Wine Pairing with a Local Chef


Want to eat as the locals do? Or better yet, have about a private dinner paired with Portuguese wines? Hi, I'm a professional chef, and I would love to prepare for you a traditional Portuguese dinner. Let me cook for you while I give you a brief intro into our local gastronomy. The menu consists of mostly Portuguese seafood since it is a big part of our culture. My team and I will personally pick the freshest ingredients from the local market to offer you the most authentic dining experience in Lisbon. Enjoy from sardines, shrimp and the traditional dish of Caldeirada with a modern twist. Throughout your private dinner, you will also have the pleasure to get your food paired by exquisite wine, to get the best flavor combinations. Let's not forget about dessert! Enjoy a local treat inspired by the confectionery made in the convents. Join my team and me in an immersive Portuguese gastronomic experience. Any other Portuguese food you would like to try? It's possible! You can personalize the menu in any way you want to!

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Prijs: € 48.24

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