Esoteric Naples: Hidden History&Real Mysteries


Napoli, is an occult city, full of magic. A city where the mystery is hidden behind the art. A city where legends of ghosts still survive among seventeenth-century palaces. Naples is a city mixed with a myth coming from far East. A city where the cult of Isis was the center of esoteric life. Walking through narrow streets, we will visit the historic sites of mysterious Naples. Sacred and profane, this is the Naples city with two faces, like Janus (juanuario - Gennaro). And before you even visit the cathedral where the remains of the saint patron (Saint Gennaro) are kept, you will stop to visit other souls, those restless: The souls in purgatory, the skulls'c church. A must is the majestic Veiled Christ guarded in the most powerful temple of Neapolitan Masonry: Sansevero Chapel. (Ticket is not included but I can help you to buy ) Many other stories I have to tell you like the connection that Naples had with Dracula and the company of The Dragon. . . I wait for you and your desire to know more about my city!

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